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After ten years of marriage to the only man she’s ever loved, why is Angelina so unhappy?


As a wealthy yet lonely wife, Angelina Rousseau pours all her emotions into her paintings. Desperate for affection and attention, she finds herself willing to do almost anything to feel loved. Her husband Nick is determined to provide everything Angie could want, including finally giving her what she’s asked for most—time with him. When what seems to be the perfect financial investment turns sour, he’s arrested for real estate fraud, but soon learns being accused of multiple felonies is the least of his worries.


Once again Nick’s choices negatively affect Angelina. This time she’s forced to part with cherished possessions to finance his defense and protect her future. When Angelina’s carefully built walls begin to crumble, both husband and wife must examine their emotionally bankrupt marriage. Yet even if they discover what went wrong between them, Nick could still spend the rest of his life in prison. Could having it all cost Nick and Angie more than they ever imagined?

Abide With Me Paperback

SKU: 0014
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