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A Memoir of faith, resilience, and restoration.


Born to an impoverished family in Nova Scotia, Canada, Susan Carter's earliest years held more pain, rejection, and betrayal than most of us face in a lifetime. Yet, as she looks back on those years and the ones that followed, she sees God's provision and His hand at work in her life.


Now serving as a missionary with her husband, Susan's message of God's faithfulness encourages all to release bitterness, embrace forgiveness, and never give up praying for loved ones who are lost and resistant to the Gospel of Christ. If you or someone you know suffers from brokenness and childhood trauma, this book contains the message you need--Jesus can heal every broken place we give Him.


Five Tickets to Kansas is a captivating story and an excellent resource for counselors, foster care and adoption communities, and survivors of troubled childhoods.

Five Tickets to Kansas eBook

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