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The One Light Ahead Undated 16-Month Self-Leadership Planner


Organizing our time is a requirement to experiencing a more fulfilling life. Yet we often overlook how our satisfaction in our personal and professional lives can be improved by how we invest our time. The ONE LIGHT AHEAD Planner helps you direct and improve your life by: assessing your current personal and professional life, recognizing discrepancies between your commitments and your priorities, implementing action steps for improvement, making space for what's most important to you, tracking your progress and proofs of positive change, and creating opportunities to be your best self every day. This undated 16-month planner provides techniques and prompts coach April Ballestero has drawn from over two decades of helping clients reach their highest potential.


Slaying the Onion eBook


"There's a reason we keep playing small, stop dreaming, and stop reaching. There's a reason we settle for less and less, even in areas we could potentially flourish." - April Ballestero


The symptoms can vary.  Lack of inspiration and motivation, self-sabotage, or feelings of frustration and dissatisfaction - no matter the indicator, the cause is the same. What you thought you were avoiding, ignoring, or hiding is actually ruining your business and your relationships from the inside out.


Here's the truth: You're worth more than what chains you to lies, negative perspectives, misguided narratives, and beliefs that don't serve you. And you don't have to live this way.


You hold the key to your own freedom.


In Slaying the Onion, business and life strategist April Ballestero draws from over 10,000 coaching sessions to share what she's taught C-suite executives, entrepreneurs, and everyday individuals. Using her methods, thousands have improved their lives, experiencing increased satisfaction and sucess. Discover how to be who you want to be, find the joy of authenticity, and embrace a sustainable journey to wholeness by Living Unlayered.


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The One Light Ahead Self-Leadership Planner & Slaying The Onion eBook

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